New Release! July 24, 2014


Women and Wisdom Press is excited to announce the upcoming publication of Linda Beatrice Brown’s A Woman Knows Her Child– Poetic Meditations From Mary” 

A Mother Knows Her Child :
In this volume of poems, Linda Beatrice Brown has given us a dimension of Mother Mary that has not been fully explored, her very human self, her strength, sacrifice and wisdom. As women come into their own in our time, they are being met by violence and resistance at every turn. The author has given us a way to see the power of the Divine Feminine and perhaps more significantly, to take heart, and to recognize and affirm that power that is within ourselves.

From the author’s preface:
“I offer these poems and meditations to all of us, in humility and gratitude that we may see in the Mother’s face a way to heal ourselves. If you are reading this you know that we are in a time of massive change on our planet, a critical turning point for the earth and all her children. It is only through the heart that we can become who we are meant to be, that we can see ourselves as She sees us.”

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Words of praise from Gloria Karpinski, spiritual teacher and writer:
“This collection of poems—and I am tempted to say “these dialogues with Mary” – bring her human reality into a focus that celebrates and empathizes with her, walking with her through the harsh and sublime passages in her life. From the young girl who became the vessel for a message that would change the world to the aging Mary, Linda’s poems explore the very nature of sacrifice. As I read I was alternately in tears and awe, often at the same moment.”

Words of praise from The Rev. Canon Dr. Henry L. Atkins Jr.:
“Mary was willing to be impregnated by the word of God. The poetic and deeply prophetic words of Linda Beatrice Brown in A Mother Knows Her Child have the power to impregnate us with the word that Mary knew. Dr. Brown has offered us a profound gift.”

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