Receiving the Blessings of Grace with Miranda Macpherson

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Miranda Macpherson

Women and Wisdom is extremely excited to announce that we will be hosting a fall 2019 retreat with acclaimed spiritual teacher, Miranda Macpherson. For those who attended last year and for newcomers, this is going to be an intensive weekend of ego relaxation and spiritual renewal you won’t want to miss. In preparation for this retreat, be sure to check out Miranda’s new book, The Way of Grace, that has been released with great acclaim.

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To learn more about Miranda and her approach, please click here to visit her website


Thank you to all who attended our Retreat:
Surrendering into Grace with Miranda Macpherson on October 6th – 8th, 2017

Hello to everyone who shared in the Retreat with Miranda a month ago at St. Francis. Many of us were scarcely able to catch our breath before external events reminded us of how difficult it is to keep the peace that we found during those days together. Whether in our own lives or the life of our Nation and World, we have been challenged to remember the Grace that always holds us, and sustains us.

We were pleased to receive so many positive responses and comments in the evaluations of the Retreat, and recommendations for the “next time.” Above all, we are grateful for your participation and engagement in the weekend that made it a safe place for us to delve deep into our “me-go” issues. It was wonderful to get to know new friends and renew friendships.

Cass and I plan to have meditation evenings beginning after the new year based upon Miranda’s teachings as many of you expressed an interest in ongoing study. We will communicate with you regarding possible dates and formats. And we will periodically share with you information that we hope will be uplifting and encouraging.

Thanks to all who attended and made the event so special. 

To learn more about the teacher Miranda MacPherson, please click here to explore her website

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